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Being offline can mean being left behind. So when your laptop is not charging, your server is misconfigured, or your data needs recovering, we can help. Get in touch, or scroll on to learn about what we can do.


Most services we offer have a flat labour charge of $80, plus the cost of parts if needed. We have also taken additional precautions in sanitizing your machine both before and after servicing. In-home repairs will include a flat $80 charge and will be $20 an hour after the first hour. If the issue isn't solved, the fee is waived. Simpler services have fairer prices, so call or email for a quote!

Completed virus scan terminal output.

Virus Removal

If you find your computer is acting slower than usual, we'll be more than happy to diagnose it and if necessary, remove Potentially Unwanted Programs, Viruses, Trojans and more while protecting your data. We will always attempt to clean your system without resorting to wiping the slate clean.

A dying laptop hard disk drive.

Data Recovery

Accidents happen, so if you delete your files permanently by accident or your data disappeared, we employ a variety of methods to get your files back one way or another. From old HDDs to new NVMe SSDs found in new laptops and desktops, we take precautions to safeguard your data storage from further degradation prior to performing a recovery.

An open laptop, with the base cover removed.

Laptop Repair

We repair and replace screens, trackpads, keyboards, fans, power supplies, batteries, RAM, USB ports, and charging ports.

Monitors on monitors arms, image by Josh Sorenson.

Screen Repair

Often, old displays are tossed when they one day stop working without warning. If you would like to give it some more life, bring it to us and give it new life or make it fit to resell.

Homelab Backbone image by Thomas Jensen.

Network Configuration

If your home or small-business network needs refreshing or fixing, we do on-site inspection and repairs, configuration of wireless access points and switches/routers.

Two custom built gaming computers side-by-side.

Custom Computers (Gaming or Workstation)

We build custom computers according to your needs. If you are unsure about what you are looking for we offer consulting for a reasonable build, and can do custom water cooling loops and RGB LED routing and even painting cases and shrouds.

A mechanical keyboard with keycaps removed and switches and stabilisers strewn about.

Custom Mechanical Keyboard Builds

Consumer mechanical keyboards are often rattly when stock and need a bit of TLC to sound and perform their best. We make that accessible to those in Calgary.


About us

We're a small multidisciplinary team comprised of a former aerospace and military electronics manufacturing process engineering technician and two highly adept technician and designer deep in computer culture, solving problems in Windows, Linux and macOS

As a team, we are also experienced in logo design, web development and multimedia editing. We are huge keyboard enthusiasts too with a proclivity for modding, so ask us about it if you are interested!


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